Location of The Rising Sun Islands

Location of The Rising Sun Islands

The Rising Sun Islands are a group of islands who are a state of Patriam.



Map of The Rising Sun Islands - Islands

The islands of The Rising Sun Islands

The names of the islands are refered to their shape or scenery.

Islands Capital
Volcano Island Volcano Town
Shoe Island Hartwick
Yellow Island Yellowtown
Long Island Longtown
Forest Island Forestville
Hook Island Sarro
Gate Island Danver


There are 19 counties in The Rising Sun Islands:


Settlement Island Population
Cullen Bay Yellow Island 158
Danver Gate Island 43,291
Ehono Hook Island 101
Fakalo Hook Island 51
Fenston Shoe Island 692
Forestville Forest Island 738
Gate Village Gate Island 419
Grainhill Long Island 83
Hartwick Shoe Island 1,381
Longtown Long Island 2,135
Nahasela Gate Island 60
Sarro Hook Island 26,423
Vaselo Yellow Island 2,007
Volcano Town Volcano Island 456
Yellowtown Yellow Island 17,708
Outside settlements 594
Total 96,297